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Play Time Prix

Key Work:

  • Designed core gameplay mechanics, game flow and user experience
  • Maintain a living design document through Confluence with JIRA integration
  • Working alongside the Lead Tech to design and develop a custom car physics system independent of Unreal’s Advanced Vehicle template
  • Oversee and assist a team of junior designers in designing and scripting new mechanics and UI for the game
  • Set out level design guidelines for junior design team, including forethought into racing lines/critical path design and bread crumbing through the use of pickups
  • Scripting a spline track generator in Unreal Engine 4, with added solution for up vector calculation, allowing for accurate corkscrews and deeper banks
  • Implement polished UI and create UI art for main menu, car select and leaderboard

Play Time Prix is a racing game developed for my collaborative games development project at the end of my degree at Staffordshire University. I, along with a team of five other seniors (four art and one tech), decided to create a racing game to challenge our individual abilities.

A 2 to 4 player game, it was an engaging experience to design content for versus multiplayer. This project has challenged my understanding of game balance and end user experience design, and I feel I have come away with a greater understanding of both.

The project was scripted using Unreal Engine’s Blueprint system, with a sprinkling of C++ where necessary.

Lead Designer
Staffordshire University
April 2019 – June 2019
Student Project (Collab)
Developed In
Unreal Engine 4