Behold, Bloodstone!

Key Work:

  • Learning how to write and format a design document, including high concept and pre-production, and using this to drive my work
  • Implementing new gameplay mechanics through UE4 Blueprints using a pre-existing framework
  • Self-taught how to design and implement 2D camera systems
  • Level Design from pre-production to final pass

A second year project; the task assigned was to create a Metroidvania prototype based on a pre-existing framework called NightBreed developed by members of staff at Staffordshire University. This was great fun and challenged me to learn and utilize some new design techniques I had not used before.

The NightBreed framework came pre-packaged with Epic Game’s Infinity Blade packs and features them.

Game and Level Designer
Staffordshire University
January – April 2018
Student Project (Solo)
Developed In
Unreal Engine 4
Design Document