Gameplay Trailer (1:03)

Long Play Video (9:10)

Dynamic Movement tracer initial designs, allowed me to create vaulting, sliding and climbing without additional inputs.

Inverse Square light detection solution. Allowed me to accurately detect light without having to integrate C++ into the build.

Level Design Progression from Blockout to Final Pass

Under the Veil

Key Work:

  • Researching into the stealth game genre, understanding the established design philosophies of the genre and using this to influence my own work
  • Designing and scripting many game systems including AI, movement, lighting, interaction and objectives
  • Designing game flow and structure
  • Designing a level to demonstrate all of the implemented systems, using learnt level design techniques

Under the Veil is a stealth game created for my Final Year Project at Staffordshire University. It was an exploration of the design philosophies behind the stealth genre. Over the course of the year, I learnt many design techniques falling under trees such as AI design, movement design and controls, game flow and level design.

The project was scripted using Unreal Engine’s Blueprint system, with a sprinkling of C++ where necessary.

The project features the Polygon Adventure and Knights asset packs by Synty Studios.

Game and Level Designer, Gameplay Scripter
Staffordshire University
September 2018 – April 2019
Student Project (Solo)
Developed In
Unreal Engine 4
Design Document
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